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Jan 16, 2014

2014 Asia Cup Schedule

DateMatch DetailsTime
Tue Feb 251st Match - Pakistan v Sri Lanka13:30Fatullah
Wed Feb 262nd Match - Bangladesh v India13:30Fatullah
Thu Feb 273rd Match - Afghanistan v Pakistan13:30Fatullah
Fri Feb 284th Match - India v Sri Lanka13:30Fatullah
Sat Mar 15th Match - Bangladesh v Afghanistan13:30Fatullah
Sun Mar 26th Match - India v Pakistan13:30Mirpur
Mon Mar 37th Match - Afghanistan v Sri Lanka13:30Mirpur
Tue Mar 48th Match - Bangladesh v Pakistan13:30Mirpur
Wed Mar 59th Match - Afghanistan v India13:30Mirpur
Thu Mar 610th Match - Bangladesh v Sri Lanka13:30Mirpur
Sat Mar 8Final - TBC v TBC13:30Mirpur